• Portrait Sculpture Workshop 17-20 October & 11,12,18,19 November2023

    My first workshop went very well, so I have decided to do two more four day workshops before the end of the year. One in October which will be during the week and the second one in November which will be spread over two weekends. I will guide you in building your own sculpture as we work from a live model. Each day we cover aspects of the anatomy and then I will start with a demonstration. After which you will start to build your own sculpture.  

    This workshop is aimed at giving you a basic introduction into sculpting a head. My aim is to inspire you and leave you with enough understanding and knowledge to feel confident in pursuing your own portrait sculptures. Each day we cover aspects of the anatomy and the planes of the face. I will show you different methods of creating armatures to support your sculptures, and help you through the process.

     Cost for the workshop is R5 500.00 including materials. Space is limited to five people per workshop so that I can give enough focused attention per student. Please bring your own lunch, tea and biscuits will be provided.  

    If you are interested please contact me via email at toonlynne@gmail.com or send me a Whatsapp message on 076 499 9507 to book your space. 

    Workshop Dates
    17-20 October & 11,12,18,19 November 2023

    First Weekend
    Day 1
     Anatomy lesson 1: Basic structure of the skull & neck
    Different styles of Armatures.
    Lunch Break
    Demonstration by Lynne, how to start the sculpture.
    Building up the masses
    Start building your own sculpture 
    Day 2
    Anatomy Lesson 2: Muscles of the face and neck.
    Build up the masses finding the structure of the head by comparing profiles
    Lunch Break
     Anatomy Lesson 3: The plains of the face.
    Work on portrait
    Second Weekend
    Day 3
    Anatomy Lesson 3: The nose & lips.
    Work on Portrait
    Lunch Break
    Continue working on the portrait
    Day 4
    Anatomy Lesson 4, The eyes & ears. 
    Continue refining your sculpture adding in the features of the eyes last.
    Lunch Break
    Finish off the portrait.
  • Leia’s Wisdom

    Leia’s Wisdom 

    ‘Sometimes it is good to lose things in life because then we get to go on a treasure hunt to find them again.’ 

    This is Leia’s wisdom, a five-year-old with a depth most people never find in a lifetime. She sat for me in my studio for a week as we worked together in creating a portrait of her in clay. ‘What pose do you think we should choose for this Leia? Should we turn your head slightly to one side and have a serious look on your face or should we have you looking up or down or straight at me? Should you smile or have a bit of attitude?’

    She thought about it for a moment and chose the pose and expression and returned to it perfectly with each sitting. ‘Can we listen to that man who sings about the lady who feeds him oranges again?’

    ‘Do you mean Leonard Cohen, do you like his music? I play Suzanne for her.

    ‘Yes this man, I like his songs.’

    I start adding clay, watching her carefully, moving all around her as she sat perfectly still for me.

    It was the same week that her dad had to leave and move back to Brazil, he bought her a stuffed toy which she held closely to her. ‘Are you missing your dad?’

    She doesn’t answer, just nods her head a little and looks on listening to the music. We work on and speak about other things instead. This week is a distraction for her to keep her mind on other things. The music plays on in the background and out of the silence she says, ‘Sometimes it is good to lose things in life because then you get to go on a treasure hunt to find it again.’ I stop for a moment and think about what she has just said, the truth of life contained in this simple sentence spoken by a five-year-old. Does she know how much she has just said? I look at her face that has not moved while she faithfully holds the pose and I know that she has. We finish the portrait and I record the sentence in the clay.

  • Earth Boy

    Earth Boy, Bronze on Steel Base, Edition of 5

    I haven’t said much about the Earth Boy sculpture but it is actually a piece close to my heart. It was based on a portrait of my nephew Jesse when he was 7 years old. He didn’t wan to pose for me so all I managed to get out of him was a few profile photographs to work from. I was visiting my brother Eric, who lives in a small town in the Eastern Cape, we decided to go to the local dam and dig out some clay. We ended up with a wheelbarrow full of wonderful black clay full of grit and texture and it was from this that I made Earth Boy. I made a simple waste mold to preserve it on my journey home and then made a cement casting. It was only years later that I was able to make a proper mold and finally cast him in bronze. The sculpture has a sort of hunting beauty to it which stirs all kinds of emotions.

  • The Turquoise Period

    The turquoise series unpacked in the studio
    Working on the Patina for the ‘Shadow’ a life size bronze of a horse head.

    Turquoise, the colour has been working on me for a while, the more I use it the more I want to dive into the colour until it completely engulfs me. I start off with caution , gently exploring its subtleties, playing with mixtures and effects as if I am afraid to truly go there, afraid to dive into its crystal waters and be released into its freshness. It fills my paintings and hides behind every colour I use, now it tints my sculptures.

    I have used the colour in the sculpture ‘Shadow’, ‘Fighting Stallions’ and the ‘Fighting Stallion Maquette’. I feel the need to keep growing and exploring with the use of bold colours in my patinas, perhaps ultramarine and cobalt blues or deep reds. I look forward to exploring the possibilities.

  • Eatwell Summer Exhibition

    12-16 December 


    Please join us at my studio to see the latest paintings by Eric Oswald Eatwell, myself and my mother Mags Eatwell. We look forward to showing you some of the work we did during 2020 and sharing a glass of wine with you, what a way to end a truly bizarre year. 


  • Welcome to my new Web-site

    This is George, he will great you when you visit me.

    Welcome to my new web-site with my own personal domain name. From now on all www.eatwellgallery.com searches will be directed to this site as well as alternate spellings of my name such as lynneeatwell.com and lynnemarieeatwell.com If you would like to contact Eric you will find a link to his web-site on the studio page or you can go to his personal site at www.ericeatwellart.com

    I hope that you find this new site faster, easier and more pleasurable to navigate. I have tried to keep it clean and simple while still maintaining a personal touch. In the painting albums I have included some of my older works to give you a sense of my history and in the sculpture pages I have included some images which show the process and progress of some of the work.

    Please follow me on facebook under eatwellgallery and sign up to my mailing list on the contact page to receive updates on upcoming event. If you visit the studio George will great you at the gate.