Portrait Sculpture Workshop 17-20 October & 11,12,18,19 November2023

My first workshop went very well, so I have decided to do two more four day workshops before the end of the year. One in October which will be during the week and the second one in November which will be spread over two weekends. I will guide you in building your own sculpture as we work from a live model. Each day we cover aspects of the anatomy and then I will start with a demonstration. After which you will start to build your own sculpture.  

This workshop is aimed at giving you a basic introduction into sculpting a head. My aim is to inspire you and leave you with enough understanding and knowledge to feel confident in pursuing your own portrait sculptures. Each day we cover aspects of the anatomy and the planes of the face. I will show you different methods of creating armatures to support your sculptures, and help you through the process.

 Cost for the workshop is R5 500.00 including materials. Space is limited to five people per workshop so that I can give enough focused attention per student. Please bring your own lunch, tea and biscuits will be provided.  

If you are interested please contact me via email at toonlynne@gmail.com or send me a Whatsapp message on 076 499 9507 to book your space. 

Workshop Dates
17-20 October & 11,12,18,19 November 2023

First Weekend
Day 1
 Anatomy lesson 1: Basic structure of the skull & neck
Different styles of Armatures.
Lunch Break
Demonstration by Lynne, how to start the sculpture.
Building up the masses
Start building your own sculpture 
Day 2
Anatomy Lesson 2: Muscles of the face and neck.
Build up the masses finding the structure of the head by comparing profiles
Lunch Break
 Anatomy Lesson 3: The plains of the face.
Work on portrait
Second Weekend
Day 3
Anatomy Lesson 3: The nose & lips.
Work on Portrait
Lunch Break
Continue working on the portrait
Day 4
Anatomy Lesson 4, The eyes & ears. 
Continue refining your sculpture adding in the features of the eyes last.
Lunch Break
Finish off the portrait.

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