Lynne-Marie Eatwell (born in 1982, Johannesburg, South Africa) is a classical/contemporary figurative artist. Working primarily in oils, her provocative use of movement and light, or “Movement within Light” as she says, is combined with painterly brushstrokes creating vibrant energy in her work. Over the years, Lynne has used her love for travel and fascination with traditional cultures from around the world as the main focus of her work. In a rapidly modernising world, Lynne is motivated to portray those cultures that still live traditionally and close to nature. She uses portraiture not only to put an individual face to an otherwise obscure nation, but also as a means of understanding the uniting factors between individuals, no matter the contrast of cultural backgrounds. She says, “In every place and in every face, I will find a piece of myself.”

Lynne completed high school at the National School of Arts in Johannesburg and in 2011 was a student of classical drawing at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Apart from this, Lynne considers herself to be mostly self-taught. Having spent several years living between Santa Monica and Cape Town, she took part in numerous open studio events both in Santa Monica and Venice Beach and was an integrated part of the artist community there. She was also part of a group show at the Red Leaf Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, U.K. and has taken part in several group shows in the Western Cape here in South Africa. She has had two solo shows at the Orient Boutique Hotel, now also the Orient Museum and her work is featured in the Legacy Art Collection. Her work has been popular with local and international private collectors.

Since 2015, Lynne began to explore the medium of sculpture. Stemming from her passion for horses, which also features prominently in her paintings, she has focused primarily on equine subjects. Delving deeply into anatomical studies, she aims to deepen her understanding of her subject, creating a strong foundation from which to spring. As with her paintings, she tries to capture a sense of movement and energy by using bold applications of clay, creating large marks using the side of her hand or the length of her forearm, similar to the use of a palette knife in painting. She has recently begun to explore the human figure and her passion for this medium continues to grow.

“I believe that art is the product of a life lived. It is born from the desire to express oneself and one’s life experience. I strive to be true to my creative spirit, to listen to the teacher within me and somehow capture the truest part of myself, my sitter or the land on which I stand. It is the world as seen through my eyes.” 
– Lynne-Marie Eatwell

Educational Details

1996-1999 National Senior Certificate attained at the “National School of Arts”
2010-2011 “Florence Academy of Art”, Florence, Italy


South African Society of Artists, Eleanor Palmer Trophy First Place 26 July 2002.

Sanlam Vuleka Awards, Best Work in Oil / Acrylic.

SASA Best oil on summer exhibition 2005

Exhibitions and Events

2004 June “The Redleaf Gallery” Tunbridge Wells, Kent, U.K.

2007 April “The Orient Boutique Hotel” Francolin Conservancy, Elandsfontein, Crocodile River Valley. R.S.A.

2009 May- June Rented studio at Santa Monica Fine Art Studios, Santa Monica, C.A. U.S.A

2009 June “Santa Monica Fine Art Studios” Open Studio Exhibition

2010 May- July Studied part time with Santa Monica based Spanish artist, Lola Del Fresno

2010 July “Rebecca Molayem Gallery” West Hollywood, Group Exhibition

2010 September the “Classical Drawing Program” at the “Florence Academy Of Art”

2011 June Completed one year of the “Intensive Drawing Program” at Florence Academy of Art

2011 October Went to Siem Reap, Cambodia to begin work on a commissioned project.

2012 Worked on Cambodia Project for Exhibition in L.A. California, U.S.A.

2013 March traveled to Tsumkwe, Namibia to stay with Bushmen communities gathering reference material

2013 May Opening exhibition of the Eatwell Studio, Group show

2013 September exhibiting member of the first Venice Artblock Studio tour, Venice Beach, CA, U.S.A.

2013 December group exhibition at the Eatwell Gallery

2014 Febuary ‘Pastoral Symphony’ group exhibition at Rebecca Molayem Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA, U.S.A.

2014 March Traveled back to Tsumkwe, Namibia to stay with Bushmen communities and gather further Reference material.

2014 August Solo Exhibition, “Hunter Gatherer, faces of the Khoisan” at the Orient Boutique Hotel, Pretoria

2014 December Summer Exhibition at the Eatwell Studio

2015 August Winter Exhibition at the Eatwell Studio

2015 Summer Exhibition at the Eatwell Studio

2016 Summer Exhibition at the Eatwell Studio

2017 January group exhibition at Moore Gallery, Franschhoek 

2017 April Traveled to the Camargue Area in the South of France to research the Camargue Horses.

2018 October Research trip to North Western Mongolia to study the Golden Eagle Hunters

2018 November Research trip to Pushkar, India to study to Camel Traders of the Rajastan desert. 

2019 Febuary Group show at Imibala Gallery, Somerset West. Art and Equine Exhibition. 

2021 October Group Show at Grand Provance Gallery, Franschhoek

2022 June 5 Birth of daughter Emma Daphne Moll

2022 July Group show at Grand Provance Gallery, Franschhoek